The Mayor of Sanandaj: Bust of Kurdish Elites Installed in Elites Park, Sanandaj, Iran

“The bust of Kurdish Elites was installed in Elites Park in Abidar, Sanandaj,” the Mayor of Sanandaj said. The Mayor added that the construction of Elites Park in Abidar is in its final stages. “The bust of a number of prominent Kurdish figures will be installed during the first Kurdish Elites Congress in Sanandaj,” said the Mayor. The Communication Center and International Affairs of Sanandaj Municipality reported that the bust of prominent Kurdish Elites will be installed in Abidar, Sanandaj. Heshmatollah Seidi maintained, “The biggest cultural-artistic event in the history of Kurdistan Province will be held in Sanandaj in June as the “Kurdish Elites Congress” to honor Kurdish elites.” He added, “In the first-ever Kurdish Elite Congress in Sanandaj, many eminent Kurdish figures in various categories of art and science will be honored.” Seidi proclaimed, “As a well-received entity, the Municipality attempts to hold all cultural, social, and sport events magnificently and create atmosphere suited for these events.” He continued, “Given that there are many prominent Kurdish figures in cultural, artistic, literary, sport, and scientific fields all around the world, holding this congress will certainly help make Kurdish identity.” Seidi said, “The International Kurdish Elite Congress helps the younger generation better understand their seniors’ language.” He asserted, “The International Kurdish Elite Congress aims at honoring 30 prominent Kurdish figures. Moreover, many national and international guests from all around the world are invited to attend the Congress in Sanandaj; therefore, we must prepare the city to welcome the guests.” He went on to add, “Given the fact that the Congress is internationally reflected, as the Mayor and the Chairman of Urban Space Committee, I am fully prepared to organize the city to welcome the guests to the Congress.” The Mayor of Sanandaj added, “In line with holding the Congress, the Municipality of Sanandaj is in charge of constructing the Elites Park in Abidar, Sanandaj, and the park that is currently being constructed near the mosque of Abidar Jungle Park, will be named Kurdish Elites Park.”

He said:

“The most important part of our task is to install the symbolic bust of some of the well-known Kurd figures built by sculpture Hadi Ziauddini, and in so doing, the park, along with its busts, will remain as the memorial of the International Congress of Kurdish Elites for future generations.” Seidi said, “The municipality is in charge of the urban space planning committee, and a few days prior to the opening of the Congress, we will employ all the billboards and digital displays in the city for advertising the Congress to better announce this great cultural event to people of the province.” The mayor of Sanandaj stated, “Although the Farzanegan International Congress was held for some years in Kurdistan, and many Kurdish people still remember it, the said congress has not been held for several years, and the International Congress of Kurdish Elites, which was proposed by the governor of Kurdistan last year and was put on the agenda of the provincial authorities, could play a role in introducing Kurdish elites.” He added, considering that Kurdistan province is the centerpiece of Kurdish speakers around the world, and the city of Sanandaj is known as the capital and center of the Kurdistan region, holding this congress in Kurdistan and the city of Sanandaj can be a reminder of the main identity of Kurdistan.